Mandatory Security Requirements And Microsoft Partner Agreement In Csp

For more information on the new security requirements for indirect resellers, you`ll find the following resources: When you access Microsoft online online service portals used by Admin-On-Behalf-Of deleaer admin-Of partners to manage customer resources, many of these portals must authenticate the partner account interactively, with the customer`s Azure AD client being defined as an authentication context – the partner account must connect to the customer. Note: These new security requirements for partners will also be part of the new Microsoft partnership agreement, available September 1, 2019. For consultants, the same contractual requirements will come into effect from September 1. As part of this business experience, Microsoft is developing its business platform to optimize the customer experience, enable partners to increase their influence and help customers transform digitally. No, every user, including service accounts, in your partner must authenticate with the AMF. All CSP program partners, consultants and system providers must force the AMF for all users of their partner. If you have a Partner Center account, log on to the dashboard. First, check the location of the Partner Center account by clicking on the „Show Your Partner Profile” link on the Dashboard Preview page. The country is listed in the „Legal Business Profile” section. Then check your user permissions by clicking on the „My Profile” link on the dashboard summary page. At least one of the partner centre authorizations is „global administrator” if your registration is associated with a global administration account. If the partner account is not yet registered for MFA, Azure AD asks the user to complete the MFA registration first: this update reminds you of your partner`s new security requirements to ensure that you meet the requirements of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and to maintain your ability to connect and track in the CSP program. In order to identify the main areas in which you can take action, we provide the status report of security requirements available through the Partner Center.

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