Uc Davis Data Use Agreement

All data rights resulting from employment in universities or the use of university funds belong to the university. Ownership of copyrighted documents and data developed under a contract or promotion by a commercial sponsor is generally owned by the university. As a university, the university must ensure that the data, information and materials for academic dissemination and scientific validation obtained during the research remain widely available. Maintaining the rights to these research products allows the university to ensure that its faculty can continue its research without undue hindrance. With regard to employment, all employees of higher education must sign a patent confirmation requiring that they disclose all inventions or discoveries designed or developed during their activity at the university. In addition, non-UC employees authorized to use university research institutes are required to sign the university`s patent confirmation contract before using these institutions. This agreement requires the allocation of all inventions made in the context of university employment as well as all inventions made by non-UC employees using academic institutions. The university retains ownership of inventions developed by university staff as well as inventions of visitors using academic institutions, whether the research is funded by the university or by non-academic sponsors. The proponent of the research project that produces an invention may have the right to negotiate a commercial license. Licensing negotiations take place after the university researcher discloses an invention.

UC Davis InnovationAccess is responsible for the protection and licensing of UC Davis technology. Office of Research (OR) officials have the power to request, negotiate and execute research awards on behalf of the Regents. OR staff will support research agreements, hardware transfer agreements, confidentiality and confidentiality agreements, and licensing agreements. OR staff can help identify appropriate contacts and facilitate these agreements. The OR Sponsored Programs Department is responsible for developing appropriate and effective research agreements with industry and other potential collaborators. There is a list of direct identifiers that must be removed from health information if the data is to be considered as a limited set of data: See HIPAA security program for additional information: intranet.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/hipaasecurity/index.htm The university regularly grants its research sponsors the right to use data, information and reports, but the use of this data, information and reports is limited to research and evaluation purposes. Since the owner of the university owns this data, information and reports, any commercial use by a sponsor would require specific licensing conditions.

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