Video Game License Agreement

Mods and editing tools – If your game`s design allows it, it can be modified, whether you like it or not. Many modern EULAs explicitly allow modding and many developers encourage and facilitate modding. If you wish to exercise some degree of control and influence over moderators, it is generally wise to include express modding rights in the EULA, as well as corresponding restrictions and prohibitions. For example, you want to allow modding regarding the main game, but ban modding the demo. You can, like Mojang, allow non-commercial mods, but prohibit sales or mods. In some cases, editing tools are provided by PC game developers to facilitate the process. These should be subject to an express license that can be included in the CAU. An interesting analysis of Blizzard`s approach to modders and modals can be provided in the context of U.S. law in this article from Lawyer Mona Ibrahim`s Polygon. If you have any comments or questions regarding the preparation of an EULA video game, please contact below. 8. Administrator Obligations In order to fully comply with the terms of this licensing agreement, the administrator undertakes (with certain provisions described in this license agreement): 1.dem the user provides access and gaming functions in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in this license agreement and its annexes. The user accepts and accepts that the administrator`s obligations, as specified in this license agreement, depend in part on the user`s compliance and its schedules with the terms of this license agreement and its annexes, and that the administrator reserves the right to deny the user any new provision of access to the game and/or functionality if this license agreement and its annexes require it.

Two of them. Respect the confidentiality of users` personal data provided by the User and do not transmit the User`s contact information to third parties or third parties (except for persons or parties employed by the administrator solely for the purpose of executing the terms of this licensing agreement and its annexes) should not be accessible to the public at its sole discretion, unless required by law, including judicial decisions and other laws. 9. Validity and termination of licence agreement 1. This license agreement is considered valid as long as the administrator`s rights to the game remain effective, or until the administrator cancels the licensing agreement with the User for the reasons provided by this license agreement or the relevant laws, or until the User annouss this license agreement. The administrator reserves the right to suspend or terminate the effective validity of this license agreement with the immediate termination of access to the game, access to the website and/or access to individual elements of the game and/or the user`s website without compensation or reimbursement of losses to the user and without explanation to the user in the cases defined in Schedule 1. 2. The administrator also reserves the right to suspend the user`s access to the game, access to the website and/or access to individual components of the game and/or website to the user in the following cases: o Scheduled or technical maintenance work in case of emergency (installation of updates, bug repair, etc.); o The incidence of unforeseen technical failures, failures and other circumstances of force majeure (acts of God) that impede access to the game and/or the website; o Incidence of external violence (acts of God) circumstances; o Damage threats to administrators, third parties and/or game users. 3.

The user has the right to stop using the game and to participate at any time, at his sole discretion, in the game process, without informing the administrator. 4. In cases where this is provided for by the game/software mechanics, the User can terminate the license agreement at any time by deleting his user account from the game.

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